Anaerobic Digestion

anaerobic digestionThe phrase anaerobic digestion describes a series of biological processes used to break down biodegradable materials. In anaerobic digestion, we deprive biodegradable material of oxygen and use microorganisms to convert the biodegradable materials to end products, including biogas.

Anaerobic digestion occurs naturally in nature and places like landfills in which bacteria break down organic matter—such as manure—without oxygen. As the bacteria break down the organic matter, it generates biogas. The biogas contains 50-70 percent methane, which can then be processed into transportation fuels and renewable energies or combusted to generate heat and electricity.

You can control and optimize this digestion process by using an anaerobic digester.

Today we’re using anaerobic digestion technologies to convert food waste, food byproducts waste, organics waste streams, fats, oils and grease (FOG), livestock manure, industrial wastewaters—and more—into biogas. We are converting Digestate, the separated digested liquids, and solids left after anaerobic digestion, into products used to supplement soil in agriculture.

With Eco Partner’s assistance, many companies find that they can use anaerobic digestion to convert waste streams into products with commercial value. Over time they can turn a former waste stream into additional revenue.

There are four categories of anaerobic digester technologies today, ranging from covered anaerobic lagoon digesters and plug flow digesters, to complete mix digesters and dry digesters. The American Biogas Council describes the different categories in further detail and provides a wealth of resource materials on anaerobic digestion.

Eco Partners specializes in managing the anaerobic digestion process for its clients and in identifying markets and buyers for the end-products. Anaerobic digestion services can help your organization:

  • Improve profitability
  • Enhance crop nutrition
  • Increase productivity
  • Meet the most current sustainability initiatives
  • Manage waste products and reduce your company’s footprint
  • Avoid landfills
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